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Maneka Gandhi's
"Book of Hindu Names"

Because a Name is for Life...
Rated 5-Stars by

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Naming your little bundle of joy is a
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

There is no "next time".

The name you give your baby is going to be with her (or him) for the rest of her (his) life. It's not a question of one day, one month or one year - a Name Is For Life

Are you willing to compromise on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the sake of a mere $34?

Don't throw away this unique chance. Give your child the best possible name.
Don't give your child just any name - give your child the name of a life time.

You may also want to consider our spanking new ebook, "The Ultimate Collection of Indian Baby Names - Because A Name is for Life!" which is a digital ebook that you could be downloading and reading in as little as 2 minutes from now...

Book Review

Maneka Gandhi's Book of Hindu Names

The product of several years of research, the Book of Hindu Names is a comprehensive compilation of Hindu names in current use. The meaning of each of the approximately 20,000 names in the volume is extensively discussed and information on sources and usage is also provided.

The purpose of the work is two fold:

  • to serve as a practical guide for parents choosing a name for their offspring; and
  • to provide a precise and in-depth sourcebook for scholars, pandits and lay readers who would like to know what familiar (and not so familiar) Hindu names actually mean.

About the author

Maneka Gandhi was born on 26 August 1956 and was educated at Lawrence School, Sanawar. She was a magazine editor and columnist before she embarked on a career in politics. She was elected to Parliament in November 1989 and was later appointed Minister of State for Environment and Forests, a post she held till June 1991.

Maneka Gandhi has written three books Sanjay Gandhi, Brahma's Hair (a book on the mythology of Indian plants) and Boulababa. Her special interests include Indian mythology, animal welfare and issues related to environmental conservation.

She lives in Delhi with her son, Feroze Varun. review

  • Comprehensive, well explained...
  • Good book! Two thumbs up..
  • Excellent guide for Hindu Names...
  • Encyclopaedia, not just a book on Hindu Names...

Penguin Book of Hindu Names Reprint

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Why you should buy Maneka Gandhi's
Book of Hindu Names :

Because ...
a Name is for Life...

you get only one chance to name your little one...

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More than 20,000
rare & beautiful names....

Buy Maneka Gandhi's
Book of Hindu Names
from our online store.

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