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Dear Visitor !!

Thank you for visiting Baby Names India. Hope you liked the experience.

Listed below are the thoughts of a few of our visitors !!

We would love it if you too would voice your opinion in our guestbook!

I'm looking for punjabi names. Can you send me some?

Send me something free. Pat R. Soward 3004 Duncan Street Columbia,South Carlomia 29205
Pat R. Soward <happy36@logicsouth>com>
Columbia,, S.C. U.S.A. -

Dear Sir/Madam, This was the first time and was very happy and gathered much information. I think you need to add up the baby names much more. Other things are fine.
A.S.Kiran <>
Bangalore, Karnataka India -

well,this site is a fascinating one..lots of names for boys & for the babe greetings rite,u should add more cute babies in it...well,i guess thats my comments
sultana ashrafunnisha <>
singapore, singapore singapore -

I love this site, My brother has become father of sweet little girl. Fabulous names r here, but i want some sweet / perky NICKNAMES for sweet-cute baby!. Can any one Help. Thanx my email:-
Raunak <>
New Delhi, New Delhi India -

sir, we are impressed, and i have named my child name has "sanchith" but we dont know the meaning. please help us. rajkumar
rajkumar <>
chennai, tamilnadu india -

does babynamesindia mean no Muslim names? it's really tragic but ther's no muslim name on ur site and u claim to be an all india site. this only shows our mindset, so comunal and bipratisan. and then we accuse muslims of being myopic. if someone opens we would jump up and down and call him communal. pathetic.
palash kumar <>
delhi, delhi india -

this site is a great site!! It is lots of beautiful names!!but i think you should add some punjabi names too...also muslim,bengali,tamil...etc. So all indians ,from different religions ,can find names for their babies.If you do that, i think then you can call your site .I hope you understand what i mean. thanks. jasdeep
Jasdeep Bains <>

HI, my name is Jasdeep....but i dont know the meaning of it....can you please tell me that.......thanks! jasdeep
Jasdeep Bains <>

This is a great site. I have a question that i don't know the meaning of my nick name "Sreen." One more I want to known the meaning of name "Osheen". I will be very happy if you solve my problem because it is very embarising one somebody does not know the meaning of name. Please Bye Sreen.
harpreet kaur <>
Patiala, Punjab India -

I think the best names for a baby girl are 1. Arielle 2. Valerie 3. Grace 4. Hannah 5. Molly 6. Megan 7. Anelle 8.Susan 9.Jessica 10. Alexas 11.Emily 12 Varican 13.Faith 14. Hope 15. Kayla 16. Katelyn 17. Mary 18. Sadie 19. Casey 20. Bethany 21. misty The best names for a Baby boys are. 1.John 2.Nora 3. Tyler 4. Trvis 5. Steve 6. Michele 7.David 8. Jesus 9. Branda 10.Trave 11.Josh 12. Joseph 13. Dru 14. Drillin 15. Nick 16. Russelle 17. Jaimie 18. Chris 19. James 20. Tom
Jessica <>
Nk, Ri usa -

If any of you are interested in unusual educational baby gifts I have a website that offers a good selection. Please feel free to stop by if you are so inclined. Thanks, Mark
Mark <>

This site is good and very helpful for those residing outside India.
Deepali <>
San Jose, CA USA -

I think this site is very helpful. Thank You very much

Excellent site. Thank You!
Jennifer Lopez

Does anyone know what "Jalup" means, my close friend has named her son that... P.S.: is not my home page, I put it in there b/c it's really cool.
Anuja Chimodia <>
portland, Maine USA -

I was wondering if anyone new what the name Reena means? My niece is visiting from India- and this is here name.
Joy <>

You have a great website, congratulations!!!! I LOVE the name Alka, I will give my first daughter the name Alka! Thank you for helping me decide!

this is a great site check this out
manoj <>
thrissur, kerala india -

I enjoyed reading all these names.
christina cantu <>
Three Rivers, Texas United States -

The site is pretty interesting. India must be having the highest variety of names.
simon <>
Bangalore, -

I like the name kulvir for girls/women, I think its very beautiful and ethnic! Great site for finding ethnic names!
Andrew <andywassel>
Markham, Ont Canada -

your that site is very good.

An extremely informative and invaluable guide. Keep up the excellent work. Regards
Mano Pillay <>
Johannesburg, South Africa -

keep on with the good work!
marc <>
ny, ny us -

Good work please keep it up
Guna <>

Nice site...
backgrounds <>

U'r collection came very close to some of our own collected names.We were really impressed.we're expecting our baby in a month &were in a fix .Thanks.
Dr.Kondal Rao <milwyhills@yahoo,com>
hyderabad, A.P. india -

Hi!! I have been having a very difficult time as to finding the meaning of the name Raveena. I know it is of Indian origin, but no one has been able to help with the meaning of this name. It is a girls name and I was wondering if anyone knows of the meaning!!! thanks
nita <>
Mississauga, Ontario Canada -

I want Tamil or Indian Girl Baby names. Starting letters Ha, He, K
s. senga <>
salem, Tamilnadu India -

I like this site a lot because these babies are so cute and here you can find a lof of beautiful pictures over here. keep up the good work!!!!!
Deborah <>
belgium, europe -

I think you guys should add more punjabi names to your list. In all honesty this site is not all that!! It is wack if you ask me! Than again I think people who do not have exposure to back home might get a kick out of it! Yet the names you guys have are wack!!! Just telling the truth, big up to Malton the orignal pind baby!!!!!
kulvinder <>
toronto, ontario canada -

your baby pictures are sooooo cute god bless you for thinking of this i have sent my daughter's pictures. please put them on your site soon. thank you very much J
June <z@z>
ny usa -

one I never miss reading from top to bottom. Beleive it or not...ur tips on saving money has REALLY saved me money. Thankx a ton.
Kunaal <k@k.k>

Love your site. Good show.
Raghavan <>
Chennai, -

Hi! I sent my daughter's pics for the babies section, but I still don't see her pics there yet. How long does it usually take for you guys to add the photos? well its almost THREE months since i sent pics!!!! if u wont add pics we sent to u...then why u have addvertisment to send pics??????? i do check ur site almost everyday...but i think its waste of my time. oh well dont wanna say anything else...and if u guys have time..plzz tell me how long will it take u to add i'll come back that day and see my baby's pics. thank you!
Lilly <>
vancouver Canada -

Helping to find names. Can you please add more Christian Names in your site. Good Job.
Benny Joseph <>
Farwaniya, Kuwait Kuwait -

This is a great job for all the Indian families living around the world. If the pundits are not available you can open your "patra"through this site. This is the next step this site should be heading to. Things are getting tough and people who know the duties are making it difficiult to happen. If all the religious site comes here this should not be a problem to the working people and people will be prepared to pay a sum to register. This will save lot of time and effort looking for people to get the pooja done.

this is a very interesting site for the loving parents
suva, FIJI -

i think that you need to improve thios site,i have seen a lot better,yuo need to add more,this site sucks
hannya <>

dear sir, this is a wonderful site. my twin daughters names are alpana and ananya. parents having twins r welcome to contact with me- i will be happy. thank you.
anil kumar dash choudhury <>
bhubaneswar, orissa india -

I love all the cute babies. My sister is having a baby and I wanted to see some of the pictures because they are just soooooooooooooooooo cute. Great page.
Karlene Roberts <>
Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A -

Hi, I sent my daughters pics for the cute babies section.... I still don't see her pics there yet !!! How long does it usually take for you guys to add the photos?I really appreciate if its done sooner. Thanx
sheela <>
placentia, california USA -

Hi, while surfing online I got linked to your web and I am glad I did. Its a very beautiful site and informative suffice to say that you have quite good selections on baby names. I have sent a picture of my beautiful daughter for the cutest baby section, hope to see her there. It Looks like I am going to be regular visitor for this site... Thanks
sheela rao <>
placentia, california USA -

First day of our search for a name. I hope your site will be useful.
Ravi <>
Dubai, UAE -

a very helpful site for picking names
rajesh <>
manchester, england -

we provied MODELS...
buc., romania -

where is my name????? i wonder where my name is????????? :( i=upset
ashley/amandee/asshu <>
van, canada -

y know what every body is making allthese nice comments but i still never found a good name for my nefu. if anbody know good punjabi names that start with a b e-mail me at
Jessy <>
miss, can. -

You can add these names also - Marudhan, Thayalan, Malarvili, Anbumani & Senthamarai. Thanks

loved your page.. you have so many name to choose from thanks
Bhumi <>
chicago, IL USA -


Dear sir/madam Your site is very useful. I think you should also include some Punjabi (Sikh) names as well (e.g. Navdeep, Manraj, Dilpreet, Sukhpreet, Harinder, Avjot, Prabhjot, Gurdas, Gobind, Satnam, Manjit, Paramjit, Dilraj, Sukhbir, Kabir, Parkash, Narinder, Harsoz, Harnimder, Eakjot, Japjeet, Sukhneet and so on........................... Regards Charan It is a very useful site. You should include some Punjabi (Sikh) names as well ( e.g. Navdeep, Avjot, Harsoz, Eakjot, Prabhjot, Jasleen, Nanak, Manraj, Dilpreet, Sukhneet, Harleen, Sahib, Satnam, Manleen, Manjit and so on.........
Charan Kanwal Sekhon <>
Bedford, UK -

This site is really intersting. Wonderful baby names.
R. Bavani <>
Ampang, Selangor Malaysia -

I'm looking for south or central anerican indian names
marichuy <>

It is a unique web, you know why? Men can watch CRICKET and women would glue to *babynamesindia*.No complaints.Thanks for solution to long standing problem.
Ajit Sidhu <>

i really like your page....
Melissa <>
poteau, oklahoma usa -

the site is good
subadra <>
chennai, tamil nadu india -

i gust had a baby boy and i named it ADAM!!!! is that a good name????????? E-MAIL me and give me your answer Please!!!
Kristin Lynn <>
sarasota, Fl USA -

its very very nice site and very good picture amd screensaver
tushar <>
baroda, gujarat india -

i like reading everything in your site you have lots of good things in here. bye
tracey <>
auckland, new zealand -

oops its "HARLEEN" sorry i spelled it wrong.
Lilly <>
vancouver, canada -

hey.. i just sent my daughter's pic to add....can u guys tell me how long will it take? so i can see my baby's pic on ur site. and i m not very much happy with ur site...cos i couldn't find my girl's name from ur site...cos there is not any punjabi(sikh) name. i mentioned it before but no responce well... my baby's name is "HARLLEN" may be u want to add, thats all.
Lilly <>
vancouver, canada -

hello i want cute photos of babies and you site is very fine
R.puttaswamy <>
bangalore 560068, karnataka india -

i am the man with lots of power and i always seek for good friends to have exciting time with them so i hope who ever sends me photos he will recieve bunndle of fun from me.
mohammed farooq khan <>
quetta, pakistan -

I cam across this site by accident and love it!! Way to go guys...keep up the great work.
A Hari
Australia -

Hi Friend, Why i have grwn so soon, Why my childhood havent sustained for somemore years. This is my feelings which i got after seeing this site. Really fantastic ya! We whish you all the best for more new things in this site. We will be always keep in touch with this site. Bye.
fernando ethelbert <>
Chennai, Tamilnadu India -

what is meaning of name anulekha
ravi <>
chennai, tn india -

it's cool
sares ponniah <>
IPOH, PERAK malaysia. -

Beautiful site!!! I thoroughly enjoyed surfing your site.Please email me on any information you have on the name Ashanti(mening.orgin) thank you
dionne crawford <>

good!not bad!




hey really liked ur site. but i just want to know the meaning of "DEEDAR".PLZZZZZZZZ E MAIL ME BACK @ DESI_SANDHU@HOTMAIL.COM
Sonia <>
hercules, ca usa -

hey really liked ur site. but i just want to know the meaning of "DEEDAR"
Sonia <>
hercules, ca usa -

Is there a way to search your Indian Girl database by Sikh or Punjabi catagories rather than seeing all Indian Girl names?
Cheryl M. LaCount <>
Aliso Viejo, CA USA -

hey guyz out there check this out
amandeep sahans <>
surrey, b.c canada -

Can u give the meaning of "indupriya"
Indu priya <>
Hyderabad, ap India -

Can you give me the meaning of name " VARNIKA".
Namita <>
NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh INDIA -

Can you give a search feature to find names by Meaning. I am trying to find names that mean HOPE. Thanx
Vinod Vemuri <>
Hyderabad, AP India -

thank you nice much choice ...
sunil <>
cochin, kerala india -

i want to know what my name means. Ruth i'll be greatful to know what it means because noone told me what it meant

hey wot does my name mean = Reena
Reena <ffffffdddddddddddddddddd>
fffffffffffffffffff, ffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffff -

We visited this site and we are very grateful for the wonderful baby names we have found. Thank you, now we know what to call the expected twins: Jaymini and Jayen/Rekha and Rakhi If possible, can u please mail me some Hindu boy names beginning with J as my mother-in-law is not happy.
Raksha and Anjulie <>
Manor Park, London England -

i wonder what my name means
haranup gill (annu) <>
vancouver, canada -

It is a very nice site. It is different too!.
Priya MV <>
Chennai, TN India -

Hi!!! I was searching for a name for my little sister, she is so cute, so I want a very nice name for her.Pls assit me for alphabet "H".This website is very good and different. Thanks bye
Anu Gupta <>
Delhi, India -

Hi!!! I was searching for a name for my friend coz he wanted me to select a nice name for his sister's new born... I am glad i found some nice ones. Appreciate some sanskrit names tooo. I would definitely come back when i need to name my babies... becoz i wont stop at one baby.... love
rajani <rajani_nv>
560008, Bangalore India -

Its so good. I am no married but you guys made me dream about my kids and I'm going to post my first kid(s - could be twince) picture. Thank you very much. God blase them all.
Chirag <>
Fullerton, CA USA -

Very good website. Nice name ideas
ca usa -

Good work! Please keep updating it.
Selvakumar <>

Hi yeah I love that name kulveer too but im not sure how to spell it. i knew a girl called that once and she was either indian or mexican i forgot, but i love that name and i think i should marry a girl with that name because the girl was so amazing. Just felt like saying that!!!!!!!
Deven <>
Albany, NY -

This is a great website! I would like to see more names added to the girls list. I like the name Kulvir and Monika for girls. I know Kulvir is an Indian name, but I dont know if Monika is. Keep up the great website!!
Prince George, BC Canada -

I would like to know the meaning for my nick name - mounisha evangalin - anybody wanna to help me?
mano <>
Madurai, Tamilnadu india -

If someone could tell me the meaning of Sana...
Rajat Ray <>
Mumbai, -

If someone could tell me the meaning of Sana...
Rajat Ray <rajat_ray>
Mumbai, -

I would like to know the meaning of Sana. If someone could help
Rajat Ray <>
Mumbai, Maharastra India -

Do keep updating your names list on a regular basis.That helps to keep afresh the whole nice concept.How about including "Vrishchika"- a sanskrit whose meaning is unknown to me ,but nevertheless , the name exists and is not in your database. Thanks and Good Luck!
Vandana <>
Chicago, IL USA -

This is my 1st child so my partern and i r vhave a few choice word on whaat to call our child hope this help's both u and myself, but on the whole well done to the peeps whom have createed this site and many thanx see ya
Paul j Wright

this site very nice. I like this site. Thanks
Ramesh <>
mumbai, maharashtra india -





Your site is very good and exciting. The lists of names need to be extended to Sanskrit names. Please assist me with Sanskrit names for boys, alphabets "G" and "M". I will appreciate a reply in the next few days. Thank You.
Gopal Govender <>
Durban, KwaZulu Natal South Africa -

I am also a first time mother, and whilst browsing your site for baby names, I came across the baby pictures. Simply adorable, all of them. Keep them coming..Also can i be added to your mailing list?
durban, kwazulu natal south africa -

I am a first time mom. I enjoyed looking through the baby names and the whole site. I enjoy coming to the site. Many things to look at. Thank you. Amy
Amy Milstid <>
Pensacola, Florida -

Please check if these are Indian names and, if so, add the to your list: Jena, meaning edurance in Sanskrit, and Sara, meaning soul. Thanks
Marina <>
San Francisco, CA USA -

Hello....I think that u all are doing a grat job.I have actually given my friend tips from your site and they loved meny of your names. i am still looking for names for my babyes. they are not born yet,I have to get msrried first:)But I want an unik name for my baby when it get born.ceep uu youe good work.!! where can I find the meening of MY NAME?----JAGRUP-----!!!!!
Jagrup Kaur Rampuri <>
Oslo, Norway -

A great site. We were very confused as days were approaching, your site gave good hints to suggest one of the names.
Delhi, Delhi India -

A great site. We were very confused as days were approaching, your site gave good hints to suggest one of the names.
Delhi, India -

I really love this site! U did a great job! I do have one request, though. I understand Nirvan (Nirvana) was originally a boys' name. My name is Nirvana and I am a girl. I take great pride in my name, and I would like to see it under girls' names. It also means liberation. Thanx! :-) - Nirvana

A very good site, and I am pleased. Although Nirvan (Nirvana) was originally a boys' name, I would like to see Nirvana added under girls', since that is my name. It also means liberation. Thanx!

I've seen the names "Jena" & "Sara" (meaning Soul)on another Indian names web site. Are they in fact Indian names & if so, what do they mean?
Marina from Goa <>
San Francisco, California USA -

How about Ksheeraja - lady from milky ocean i.e saraswathi
wv USA -

Note that under T - you have mentioned Tanaya under girls names. i should be Tanya meaning daugther and not Tanaya meaning son
Deep <>
India -

Recently had a chance to visit your site and its wonderful.Keep up the good workand hope to see more new names on the list(with meanings)hoonel and congratulations once again
jaidev <>
karachi, Sindh Pakistan -

Recently had a chance to visit your site and its wonderful.Keep up the good workand hope to see more new names on the list(with meanings)hoonel and congratulations once again
karachi, Sindh Pakistan -

its very nice.but u have to add some more new names to your of luck bye
prabhath <>
guntur, andhra pradesh india -

Loved your site. You have a good collection of names. Why not the name NAVYA in the n series?
Rajeev Bhandari <>
Mumbai, Maharashtra India -

This is a terrific webiste! Lots of very interesting and useful information--especially the meanings of all the baby names. Keep up the fantastic work!
Pinkee <>
San Francisco, California USA -

I was looking for interesting boy names that start with the letter C. My first sons name is Chastin and a lot of people really like that name and I thought you might want to add it to your list of boy names that start with the letter C.
Calgary, Alberta Canada -

Your screensaver is really cute....:)
Mona Lisa <>
Bangkok, Thailand -

You have a good collection of both boys and girls names. However I was disappointed that I could not find my name . Hope you would add the same at the earliest. Also the name SHARMADA could be included. I shall keep posting other names in due course of time.
N. Sunita <>
chennai, Tamil Nadu India -


This is an excellent site for babies.I'm glad.I've sent my babies pictures I'd like to know how long would it take before I can see my baby on this site.
mumbai, maharashtra India -

Does anyone know the English meaning/equivalent of the name "Daljit"? ITN reporter Ms. Daljit Dhaliwal is so hot in the U.S. that she was on the "David Letterman Show" (6 July, A.D. MM): she said her name is used for both genders and is a very common Punjabi name.
Denver, Colorado U.S.A. -

dear sir, i would like to get some names for my brothers newborn baby,name should relate to god venkatachalpathy-murugan in a advanced way please feedback
jagan <>
chennai, tamildadu india -

those babies are soooooo cute pls tell me how i can send you some pictuers of my cusins - br
Britta <>
New Brunswick, NJ USA -

Real good site. Congrats for becoming one among the top 100 websites in the world. way to go !! sanju

I like the site how about having 2 guestbooks so you can spread out the messages better. it will look a lot better, im a web designer so i do these things all the time your web site is good with room for improvment.
derby, -

good site , ok service i suppose
india, -

The web site is good but the people who run the site dont help people with anything. They dont go with your idears or help people with good or bad issues. i like the site but not the service.
NORWICH, england great yarmouth -

This is a really nice website. The baby pictures are so adorable. Hats off to the webmaster.
Yogeswary Samuel <>
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory Malaysia -

This site is really good. Wots happening wiv the old guestbook??????
Beth evans
manchester, england lancashire -

A baby name suggested is "Kshitij"

please let me know how to enter my babies picture on the website
rekha govender <>
guateng, south africa -

please let me know how to enter my babies picture on the website
rekha govender <>
guateng, south africa -

I would like to add my own name in the list of the babies. Nainesh - Nayan - Eyes. This is really a wonderful website and I have really enjoyd it. Can you please let us know why the name are till letter "V" and not complete A to Z ? Rest of the site is really wonderful. Thanks Nainesh
Nainesh Sarangkar <>
Mumbai, Maharastra INDIA -

I'much pleased with the site.
dubai, uae -

This a well organised & informative site. I hv recommended it to my friends & work colleagues. Pls also advise is you can find the meaning of the name "AVNEET", I would be grateful for an advisory return mail..//rgds!!
SatnamSandhu <>
London, UK -

I want u to add a boys name its "SHOAIB", well i don't know it's meaning, i think u can find it. THANX..........
Lilly <>
Hong Kong -

I was looking for any punjabi name but i couldn't find any, why? this is not fair with punjabies (sikh). And why baby boys don't have any name with the latter "z" one is here which have been mentioned previously by someone else but i wanna make a change the name is "Zunaid" not "Zunad". I like this name too but i cant sellect it cos its not a punjabi name.
lilly <>
Hong Kong -

Though you have made substantial efforts to provide an exhaustive list of names to gonna be parents, you need to include scores of interesting names....
Murali Duggineni <>
Hyderabad, AP India -

Though you have made substantial efforts to provide an exhaustive list of names to gonna be parents, you need to include scores of interesting names....
Murali <>
Hyderabad, AP India -

I am having a 4 months old son. We named him Pavinesh Pillay but till today i don't know what his name means. Could anyone out there please tell me what does my son's name means. I really want to know what his names means as I am very sure that all the names in the world does have a meaning. Thanking you in advance to all who responded.
Uma <>
Singapore, -

I'm much pleased with the site. Do keep on adding new names. I enjoyed much
Gopu.V <>
Salem, Tamilnadu INDIA -

My wife is going to have a child and she is due in July. To tell you the fact, my wife is an Indian and I am a Mexican. We were looking for names online and I found this website. I just love the names and when I showed the baby pictures to my wife, she was really delighted. We thought if we have a son we will name him Azeez and if we have a daughter, we will name her Sana.
Marco Garcia
Carrollton, Texas USA -

im so sexy and hot if you wanna chat you might not ever

this site is crab i came to look at baby pictures and there's only 2
ireland -

I just luv this site it is COOL! Not just cause it has my names, but i get to see a lot of other names and what they mean. I tell anyone who wants to listen about this cool site. THANX
Sana Merchant <>
Dallas, Texas United States of America -

hey guys, thiz iz the most xcellent sitez ive ever seen:) itz fantastic>> keep it up!!the babiez found here r muuuu aaaaaaa aa aaa hhhh :))) luv racchna
racchna <>
madras, tamilnadu india -

The site is very good. I was able to pick up a name for my baby daughter. I will send you interesting names, if I come across any. Good work, Keep it up - Raju
S. Rajagopalan <>
Chennai, Tamilnadu India -

hey what up? I think that yo' site is phat. But I have a question for you, I need a name that has to do wit' Dragon, and I need it for a female name. Please e~mail it to me, if you get one. (and include the real spelling, but make sure that you also include how to pronounce it also! thanks)
Sisqochica <>
Morantown, West Virginia United States -

This site is excellent.
Jayasri <>
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -

The cutest baby pictures i have seen.
Chitra Jagasia <>
Miami, Florida USA -

Hi Im not indian, but people think I want to be it. I like oyur names they are really cute. I like Kashmira. Thats what my daughters names going to be. I like rani too do you have any more girl names that mean princess or queen ? ? thanx =)
jennifer <>
Philadelphia, pa usa -

Excellent site, I also want to know the meaning of "Sanjana" U can add this name to the baby girl's name. TQ
Varsha S. Patel <>
Kuala Lumpur, WP Malaysia -

It is a real cool site for gonna be parents. You could add provisions for adding new names.
Sneha <>
madurai, TN India -

A new girls name: MYVIZHI_ (beautiful eyes)
Sneha Chandrababu <>
madurai, TN India -

Its a cool site, i'm unable 2 find any fault in the site, according 2 me the site should come atleast in top 10 best sites in the worls.
S.Anand Nataraj <>
Chennai, TN IN -

Great Site! I have a suggestion. Why cant you make provision for the surfers to give names, which can be added to the site?
GSP Rajavel <>
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -

Its kool.
Trina and Katie
Balaton, MN U.S. -


I would appreciate it if you could put the name Zunad in your boys list of baby names it is quite popular in the U.K., I love the name and I think it's a brilliant idea that you've got...
Heena Parekh <>
Leicester, England U.K. -

great site. the babies are so cute.
elvira <>


My daughter's name is SWETCHA , means 'FREEDOM' I got many more such innovative names with me.How to add to your site?
Kavitha <>
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India -

it is a great site, we r going to have a baby :-), dont know boy or girl....... well the names r quite interusting, but want some.... punjabi(sikh) names too. if u can add, then do it maaaaaaan......
Lilly <>
Vancouver, Canada -

Hi Prashanth & Ravi Shankar: It gives me immense pleasure writing this note of appreciation to you guys and your website "". This surely proves "Efforts Never Fail" and the good work you have been rendering to your target audience. This calls for a party and whatmore a reason do I need to do so. My sincere heartfelt appreciation for this achievement. Hip Hip Hurrah! Time to say " Cheers......@!#$:) Regards, Rajaa Murugan Director Lakshmi Hospital, Chennai 17
Rajaa Murugan <>
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -

Hi Prashanth & Ravi Shankar: It gives me immense pleasure writing this note of appreciation to you guys and your website "". This surely proves "Efforts Never Fail" and the good work you have been rendering to your target audience. This calls for a party and whatmore a reason do I need to do so. My sincere heartfelt appreciation for this achievement. Hip Hip Hurrah! Time to say " Cheers......@!#$:) Regards, Rajaa Murugan
Rajaa Murugan <>
Chennai, -

I would like people to write me I am going to have my second child I am due in Sept.I have a 7 year old girl already.I would like some people to talk to.Hope to here from you soon.
Denise <denise@INTERGRAFIX.NET>
Weatherly, Pa Us -

i absolutely love babies, and i thoroughly enjoyed your site. my only disappointment was that there were very few african-american babies presented here. i do not put all the blame on you though, because i know that is is up to us (the web surfers) to submit the pictures. if i had a baby, i would be sure to post my baby's picture so that us african-americans could be represented also. our babies are beautiful too, and people need to know that. your site is wonderful.
luvly lashae <>
nc usa -

Your baby pictures made my day!! being older and having no more babies arounyour site was more than welcome
Dan <>

why not a picture of an indian child!!!
kamala raghavan <>
boston, ma -

The babies on the cutest baby list are very cute and I love the first picture of the baby looking at the Play Boy, it shows how quick that kids grow up these days. Keep up the good work.
Jill <>
Eastman, Georgia USA -


fairly good, alot of very good names are missing and why do not have any indian nursery rhymes or songs or stories listed. surely this is very importnat for a indian child to know those along with the english one. often our names and things relateding to our life are over looked by other cultures. haveing live, like myselfe alot of young people who live in other countries what to know about things like this.............
pratiksha <>
london, england -

good efforts from both u is appreciated.if u canplease include photographs of our kids by receiving them through post and publishing it in the web page and award some money for the best photograph of a child duly authanticated by birth certificate. Let the profits from this go to a school/ashram for making educating one poor kid.let india be proud of u.thanking you.
akilan <>
Chennai, TamilNadu india -

a fabulous page for indian baby names,it is rather extensiveand has a fine choice of names.I picked my baby's name from here .No regrets.A great job.Kudos!
seema <>
atlanta, georgia USA -

I have seen ur website and I love it alot.But I see that I could not find my name sowould you please give me the meaning of myname.Thank you for the trouble.
O S Oyappan <>
Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra Indonesia -

these babies are soo cute, yalls is gonna have to add some more cuz i really enjoy looking at them!
call me boo-boo
wa -


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