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Parenting Articles
on BabyNamesIndia.com

Pregnancy No-Nos: Pregnant? You already know to steer clear of alcohol and cigarettes. Here are other hazards to avoid.

Preventing Accidents
Photograph Your Children
Making the Rules
  Somewhere Safe to Play
  20 Toys you dont have to buy
  Keep your Kids Safe Online
  To Clean or Not to Clean (your Child's room)
  Potty Training that Actually Works !!
  Kids and Dogs - Safety Tip Sheet
  New Baby and the Family Dog
  Baby CPR (mouth-to-mouth resuscitation)
  First Aid Tips
  Flying Solo - Dating Do's and Don'ts
  When Mom has a Temper Tantrum
  Mom's Health Alert
  When Little Kids Curse
  10 Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider
General Articles
on BabyNamesIndia.com
  Surviving As a Single Parent
  New Year Resolutions for the Single Parent
  10 Tips for a tidier home
  What to Expect from a Family Law Attorney

Parenting Articles
on Other Sites
Your Children Can Help Protect Themselves: But first you've got to teach them. Here are 12 points every child should know.
'Jackass' Generation: Turn on the TV pretty much any night and you'll see someone doing something stupid -- and dangerous -- on reality shows like 'Survivor,' 'Fear Factor,' and 'Jackass.' Viewers are warned not to try these stunts at home, but are you afraid your kids just might?
  Tired of yelling? How what you say - and how you say it can get the results you want
  What you need to know now to protect your child
  Kids likely to use pot if parents did
  1 in 5 teen girls abused by dates
  Empty Nest - When a son flies off to college
  My daughter's a cheerleader - And other bad things that happen to good moms


Pregnancy related Articles
on Other Sites
All the Right Moves: How to stay fit when you're expecting
Supping on seafood while pregnant Is it safe for an expecting mother? Fish is a healthful alternative to red meat during pregnancy and supplies hefty amounts of the type of oils called omega-3 fatty acids needed for the development of your baby’s vision and nervous system. However, some seafood is safer than others.
Parents Alert: Is Your Athlete At Risk This Summer? Each year a few high school and college athletes die from heat stroke. This summer NFL tackle Korey Stringer and University of Florida student Eraste Thomas Autin paid the ultimate price for their sport. Heat stroke can affect athletes of any caliber in nearly every outdoor sport. How can your athlete avoid such tragedy? When is it just too hot to practice? Here are answers from WebMD's doctors.
More and More Babies Born Too Soon: Over the past two decades, premature births have increased dramatically in the U.S. Today, one out of 10 babies are born too soon -- and no one can tell us why.
  Bad childhood eating habits can lead to long-term health risks. Here's the latest on how diet affects children, and how to help your kids eat right.
How much sleep does your child need?
  Is it safe to smoke during pregnancy?
  Beyond the baby blues
Breastfeeding Problem Solver
Dads: Expecting a Baby How to share in your wife's pregnancy


General Articles on Other Sites
When to tie the knot: Sexploration offers advice on timing a marriage
Working out in the summer heat: How to stay safe when the mercury’s high
Conquering Cravings
  Easy ways to have fun when you're out and about
  Enjoying ice cream without the guilt
  Breaking free of an abusive relationship
  School of Hard Knocks


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