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Free Screen Savers

"World's-Cutest-Babies" screen saver

Click here to download the
World's Cutest Babies screen saver

(917K - about. 4-5 minutes on a 56k connection)

Check out our 'World's Cutest Babies' Screensaver, filled with pictures of some of the world's cutest babies !!


"Quit Smoking " Screen Saver & Social Message

"Both Funny & Scary at the same time!"

Click here to download the
"Quit Smoking" screen saver

(777K - about. 3-4 minutes on a 56k connection)

We forward so much junk, spam and useless unfunny jokes every day by email.

Why not do it for a good cause this time?

Download 'Quit Smoking' as a screen saver or stand alone movie from the links below. Spread the word about the ill-effects of Cancer in a pleasant yet shocking way.

A lot of time, thought and effort went into the creation of this screen saver. But if even One Single Person Quits smoking after watching this, then it would have been well worth the effort.

Feel free to forward this screen saver to your friends either by sending them the file directly by email or by asking them to visit this url by sending them the link to this page - www.BabyNamesIndia.com/screensaver.html (type everything in lower case or cut and paste).

Click here to download the
"Quit Smoking.swf" Flash Movie

(362K - about. 2-3 minutes on a 56k connection)

Download it as an Flash file which you can watch as a stand alone movie in your browser, or download it as a Screen saver (the .exe file is self-extracting, and will automatically install the screen saver for you).

Tell your Smoker-friends about this Screen Saver
and Spread the good word...
Your Name
Email addresses Please enter email addresses of your friends
in the boxes provided below.


"Millennium" screen saver
(added January 15, 2001)

Click here to download the
Millennium ScreenSaver

(456Kb - approx. 2-3 minutes on a 56.6connection)

You've done it all - eCards, eGreetings, eFlowers, eThis, eThat...

How about sending your loved ones, friends and family a lovely 'Happy 2001' screen saver ? It definitely is a unique way of saying 'Have a great year'.

You can download it to your computer, and send it to all your friends and family - for Free !!

If you do not want to burden their email id with a big attachment, you can send them the following link by email (just cut and paste it into your compose box) :-


Clicking on the above link will bring them directly to this page from where they can download the screen saver.


Download & Installation Instructions

Click on the above link.

When you are given the option of 'Run this program from current location' or 'save this program to disk', then choose the 'save this program to disk' option and press 'OK'.

Now you will get a 'Save as' window, which allows you to choose where on your hard disk to save our screen saver. It usually will point to your 'Desktop' by default (or to the directory where you saved the file that you downloaded last from the internet).

Click on 'Save' to save it to your desktop (or wherever you prefer).

The file will now start downloading. Once it has downloaded completely, locate the file (icon) and double click on the 'Babies.exe' file.

This is a self-installing file. It will install the screen saver for you.

You will then get a 'screensaver installed' alert, with an 'OK' button below it. Just Click on 'OK' and you're DONE. Its that simple.

You're all set now, and the screensaver has been automatically installed on your computer, and also selected as your current screen saver.

Once your computer goes into the 'idle' mode (depending upon your earlier settings), our Screen saver will be activated automatically.

Please feel free to email us if you have any problems downloading, or if you have any questions/concerns regarding our screensaver.

Your Own Custom-made Screensaver

If you enjoyed our free screen savers, then I'm sure that you will be interested in having your 'very own' screen saver made, full of 'your own' pictures.

Imagine a similar screen saver with pictures of ONLY your own little boy or girl, or even pictures of your friends and family ?

This customized screensaver can be used as a gift to surprise your valentine, or as a 'Corporate Gift' to close that special deal, or even as a 'thank you' gift to your invaluable customers.

If you want your very own screen saver.... (click here to continue)


Click Here!

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