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Get 47,000 people to visit your web site - for Free!

What is SiteReview?

SiteReview is our newest add-on to our Newsletter InfoConneXions read by over 47,000 subscribers from around the world.

To participate, this is what you need to do:

  • Write a short review (up to 10 lines) about a web site (any web site that you see on the web, that you think is good and deserves a mention in a forum like this)
  • E-mail it to us through this form
  • We will then publish it in our next edition, along with your byline at the bottom of your review (Name-linked to your e-mail address, plus your Web site URL - see sample here).

How does this help me?

Our newsletter is read by more than 47,000 subscribers from around the world. Effectively, this is Free Publicity for your web site!

If your review is well written, chances are most of our 47,000 readers will click on your link. That's potentially 47,000 new visitors for your site - without spending even a single penny!!

So, what do I do now?

Before you start writing a review, please bear the following guidelines in mind :

  • Be responsible - Do not write anything (about any site) that you wouldn't show your mother.
  • No personal 'My Family at the Beach' sites please - Select sites that will be useful to others (like or Even sites that are visually appealing or different will be accepted (except that you may not have much to write about them).
  • Try to reread and edit your review before submitting - A well worded review about a good site may entice the reader to click on your url (in your signature) to know more about you.
  • No racist, hate, offensive, MLM or adult sites.
  • You may submit any number of reviews, including one about your own site.
  • We reserve the right to edit and reject submissions.

Looking forward to your reviews.

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Missing name?
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