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Boy Baby Names
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34 Year-Old Indian Father from New York,
Frustrated with the Poor Quality
of Indian Baby Names on Free Sites Online,
Compiles the World's Largest Collection
Of Indian Baby Names.

17,347 Boy & Girl Baby Names
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"The Ultimate Collection of
Indian Baby Names"
17,347 Boy and Girl Baby Names!

From: Ravi Jayagopal
Thursday, 11:55 PM

Dear Visitor,

Let me tell you a short story....

Back in 1997, when my wife was pregnant with our first child (my sweetheart, my little princess Rhea), I started my search for Indian Baby Names online.

There were only a handful of web sites, they had a very small list of names, not to mention that it seemed like they all had pretty much the same useless little list!

I spent many frustrating hours both online and offline, looking for good baby names, and finally we got inspired by a celebrity whose first name also happened to be "Rhea").

Long story short, the web sites didn't help back then - and the last time I checked a few months ago, there were more web sites on Indian Baby Names, but it is even more obvious now that most of them have simply copied the same old names from all the other web sites, and simply formatted them differently and threw it up on their site!

Somebody had to stop this nonsense - someone needed to come up with a good list of names, make it easy to read, easy to buy, and not to mention, affordable enough to buy!

Then I realized that already having published - a successful, popular web site on Indian Baby Names, I was in a perfect position to be this "somebody" - the one who compiles a great new list, the savior of all Indians all over the world :-)

So, I put my head down and went to work putting together a business plan on accomplishing this. I found a few "friends" who were willing to help me, and I was willing to pay them for their help. So, with the help of 3 others, I put in literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of research, reading religious scripts, books, name lists and dictionaries.

Finally, after a mind-numbing, back-breaking and finger-breaking amount of research, compilation and typing, my team came up with a whopping 17,347 boy and girl baby names!

This is by far the largest collection of Indian Baby Names available anywhere online.

Today, I proudly present to you, our new ebook, "The Ultimate Collection of Indian Baby Names - Because a Name is for Life!".

This is an ebook that you could be downloading in less than 20 seconds from now.

No waiting for any book to arrive by post, no shipping or handling charges - no messing around, plain and simple.

Our ebook with 17,347 Indian Baby Names is neatly categorized into boy and girl names, and also organized alphabetically, so you can search just for boy names or just for girl names - or you could search alphabetically.

Naming your little bundle of joy is a Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is no "next time".

The name you give your baby is going to be with her (or him) for the rest of her (his) life.

It is not a question of one day, one month or one year - a Name Is For Life
Are you willing to compromise on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the sake of the price of a cup of coffee?Don't throw away this unique chance. Give your child the best possible name.

Don't give your child just any name - give your child the name of a life time.

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17,347 Boy & Girl Baby Names
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ultimate collection of indian baby names

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