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Best of the Web Newsletter


Totally Free Content for your Web site

  • No programming necessary.
  • No fee involved.
  • No need for any designing
  • No need to worry about updating the content daily
  • Great content for your site - FREE!!
  • More page views for your site
  • You can sell More advertising
  • The visitor always remains on your site - that means that the URL will always show your domain and page name
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Better sponsorship rates
  • More revenue for your site!!

Fresh new content dynamically inserted into your pages

How ? Just look at the sample below
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The above content has not been coded into this page - this page uses the same JavaScript script given below - code that you will be pasting into your page.

So, WYSIWYG - What You See (above) Is What You Get!!

All you need to do for the above content to appear anywhere on your page, anywhere on your site, is to just cut-n-paste the following line of code exactly where you want our content to appear.

<script language="Javascript" src="">

Load the page in your browser, and lo!! - our content appears like magic (just kidding... its JavaScript syndication) in your page(s).

Keep watching this page. We will shortly be adding more free content for you to use in your site. Meanwhile, please feel free to add the above content to your site - with our best compliments!

There will be no charge whatsoever for all this free content we're going to be giving away.


If you are a web site owner who wishes to Syndicate your own content - that is, distribute your content to other sites in a similar fashion (JavaScript syndication), or even XML or RSS syndication, then email me.

Whether to charge for the usage or to give it away for free (like what we're doing above) is up to you. Nevertheless, you still need the technology to be able to do that, and that is where we come in.

In fact, we can even host the code on our servers, so that its less of a load on yours. Email me for more details.

Try it out and if you need any help with the code, please feel free to email me at

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