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10 Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider

  1. How long have you been a provider?

  2. What are your qualifications?

  3. Is your facility or home licensed by the state?

  4. Will you provide me with at least 3 references?

  5. Why did you become a daycare provider?

  6. What is your discipline philosophy?

  7. What has been your staff’s turnover the past year?

  8. Am I able to drop in at anytime?

  9. What other adults will be around my child?

  10. What is the worker/child ratio?

    The American Public Health Association/American Academy of Pediatrics (APHA/AAP) recommends the following ratios:
    0-24 months: 3 to 1
    25-30 months: 4 to1
    31-35 months: 5 to1

The information is free to reprint in any format provided the information at the bottom, including this, remains intact. Reprinted from Single Parent Central,, which offers information and resources to single parent families. ©2000
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