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these babies are soo cute, yalls is gonna have to add some more cuz i really enjoy looking at them!
call me boo-boo
wa -

I went through every single site of yours , the very first time we received your E:Mail.We, our whole family as more than happy to know that you have made it in life:Both of you have put your heart & soul into these sites. We wish you the best always: Keep up this great work - You are now not just a Madaraseee but you have become WORLD FAMOUS!!!! for a Madaraseee: We are indeed very proud of you: Behind every great MAN there is his MOTHER!!! Do not forsaker her for anything in this world. She is too great. Our Prayers & Blessing stay with her always. Best regards to your darling daughter too. She must continue your good work till the end. With all our Love , Respect & Blessings. Thyab, Ayesha & the whole family at UAE & Chennai.
Barbara Thyab Ali (Ayesha) <thyabali@emirates.net.ae>
Abu Dhabi , U A E -
I am from America: But I love the name NEELESH for a boy. If I had one more son, I would name him Neelesh. The lord of the moon. Thanks for all of the wonderful Indian names and their meanings. I am a white american female, but how I wish I would have come from India.
Kelly <Kecke@webtv.net>
Parma, Ohio usa -
Com'on ! In Girls name , ANUSHKA is not there. This was highly disappointing. Any way, insert it at your earliest please.
VIKASH GANGWAL <vikashgangwal@yahoo.com>
Calcutta, West Bengal india -
a good site indeed ! Can't you add names like Sailesh for example?
vikash Gangwal <vikashgangwal@hotmail.com>
calcutta, west bengal india -
Recently had a chance to visit your site and its wonderful.Keep up the good workand hope to see more new names on the list(with meanings)Bravo and congratulations once again
NAIMISH <naimishd@hotmail.com>
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates -
It is is great to find the baby names. However my daughter's name is found. I think it can be added.Her name is Hamsavardhini.
Ravichandran <ravichandran_n@satyam-infoway.com>
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -
I loved your site, It was really Helpful.
Michelle Cullen
Cloncurry, Queensland Australia -
This is wonderful, as my fiance & I are already searching for Indian baby names & meanings. Thank you for putting together such a comprehesive list :-)
Kitty <mskittyjogia@kittymail.com>
denver, co usa -
It's really great.RegardsGeetha Srinivas
Geetha Srinivas
Hyderabad, AP India -
RUPI <rupindersuri@vfree.com>
We were thinking of having another baby so I thought I would check you out. I was very pleased
Lori Guthrie <loriguthrie@hotmail.com>
newellton, louisiana usa -
Nice things. Wud be better if you have some price tags too!
Shankar <Shankarm@aol.com>
Nice things. Wud be better if you have some price tags too!
Shankar <shankarm@aol.com>
Kansas, -
My friend, Atanu, says that his name means "without a body," but here it says that it means "Cupid." Could someone please tell me what is correct?
Carmen <carmenmarie86@hotmail.com>
Provincetown/Bridgeport, MA/CT USA -
check me out.
mavss <mavs@mailcity.com>
NY city, NY USA -
I'm the best. I would like my pic on your site beside those cute friends.
Sneha Agarwal <agarwalruby@yahoo.com>
i think the names are really weird but the varity is really good!!
lisa leahy
dublin, ireland -
need more new names....this site is very nice.....keep up the good work?!!good luck!!!
maya sri <maya2017@yahoo.com>
kuala lumpur, kuala lumpur Malaysia -
Impressive list of names. Could you please add the name "Pavanjit" (meaning 'wind') to the "P" list. Thanks.
desertrose <desertrose@iguild.com>
can you find me that picture
antonio martell sabado <thats my baby.net>
Really a cool site for those craving for unique names.
S.ANAND <anand_madras@hotmail.com>
Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -
This site is a novel idea and pretty useful. But I only wish you hadn't used the baby figure from the TV serial 'Ally Mcbeal'- Couldn't you get more creative ?
Ramesh <rmydur@vsnl.com>
Chennai, India -
Ur site really gave us the names that were not coming to our mind but which we wanted to choose from. Thanx a lot.
Sandeep Shukla <sjshukla@hotmail.com>
Mumbai, Maharashtra India -
its a very nice pagethe effort is appreciable
priya <doodlydo46@hotmail.com>
chennai, tamilnadu india -
found some exciting new names and meanings to known names thanks
alpa <sjvi@writeme.com>
st thomas, usvi us -
zahida Javer, BSc (pharm) <zahida_javer@hotmail.com>
Savannah, Georgia USA -
Great site! I am glad to find something like this. I am researching the name 'Meghana'. I need to know of the origin of the name, particularly the approximate date and geographic region. I am involved in a medieval historical society and would like to know if the name was used in that time period (600AD-1200AD). I am thank any who can help me find the literature or the person who can help me...may your path ever be decorated with lotus petals...
Lawrence Osborn <losborn@sam-inc-aus.com>
Austin, TX USA -
Wonderful site....keep up the great work!
Rita Asher <LRAsher@raha.com>
Tanga, Tanzania -
great experience going through your site.for the beautiful babies pics, why dont you specify the size of image - so that the image need not be stretched.congrats once again for the wonderful job.
mohandas <mohandasvs@yahoo.com>
newdelhi, delhi india -
I sent u an email almost a month ago,giving three names;Dayani,Krita and Devi.I see that u have Devi in ur list.I would like to know why the name Dayani and also Krita has no meaning in ur list.I see that Daya and Dayanita both have a meaning.I'm just curious to know thats all.
Dayani Krita <dayadevi@hotmail.com>
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia -
need more new names....this site is very nice.....keep up the good work?!!work hard to achieve sucess
niegieta <nigieta@rediffmail.com>
mumbai, bombay india -
need more new names....this site is very nice.....keep up the good work?!!
nirmala <nimangel7@hotmail.com>
kl, wp malaysia -
need more new names....this site is very nice.....keep up the good work?!!
prashanth <tyson@md2.vsnl.net.in>
madras, chennai india -
A great site that has helpt us to pick a namne for our beutiful litle son...thank you.
Niklas Nelson
Ostersund, Jamtland Sweden -
Hi very nice!
Jayasree Thattayath <Jayasree74@hotmail.com>
New York, NY USA -
We are adopting a little girl from India and her name is Latha. What does this mean? I saw LATA-which is how it's pronounced but spelled differently. Thanks.
Terri Gram <jeffterrigram@uswest.net>
Minnetonka, MN usa -
very informative wrt to babies and cute music
PAYAL NAYAR <payalnayar@yahoo.com>
new delhi, india -
Hi! nice informative page!
Niraj <nthaker@email.com>
London, UK -
Wow..Nice job Ravishankar & Ravi J Prashanth..Keep going..
Ramy <xxxxxxx@webtv.net>
US -
Nice page Keep it up !!! www.come.to/keerti
S.Keerti <sri-sritharan@telia.com>
Stockholm, Swedan -
This was cool.
Cedartown, GA U.S -
Simply great !!
Rishi Raj <rishiraj@hotmail.com>
I am adopting a child from Idia. Your names really helped because we would like to name our child a India name. THANK YOU!!!! VERY!! VERY!!! MUCH!!!.
Chris Knopik <abc@pop.ctctel.com>
Dickinson, North Dakota USA -
I found your web site while surfing the web. I think that it is neat. I just ound out May 27th that I am pregnant.
April Anderson <mysticmoonwolfe@hotmail.com>
Gering, Nebraska USA -
I thought that your sight was great... It gave me a whole new picture to look at when desiding on my babies names.... thank you
Chipmunk <Chip_munk69@hotmail.com>
Ontario, ca usa -
Nice names you have got ! I am looking for my child's name.
Varin <varin.s@usa.net>
Bangkok, Thailand -
Very Good........Super genial.....Ich liebe diese Seite!!!!
Titus Redi <titus@freesurf.ch>
Zug, Zug Schweiz -
the names for girl baby names are not avaible in letter "y" an error is appearing.urgent ,please update.
keeshen <keeshen4@hotmail.com>
kuala lumpur, --------------- malaysia -
i like the idea of you all putting nursery rymes... keep the good work going you all are doinga great job
elena <cruzelena@hotmail.com>
freeport, tx -
i loved the cute baby pictures. the baby names were interesting. you have a very nice web page. hoe you keep adding to the page.
karen <Karen-R@webtv.net>
worcester, mass usa -
I was named Nayana but never really knew what it meant until I came here, this site is so interesting. I think it is great.
Nayana <n/a>
n/a, MA USA -
Baby nmaes page is a wonderful idea, please keep on adding more new manes to the site.
Rajesh <Krish@tesconet.co.uk>
London, UK -
I think this sight was excellent. My favorite part was the cyber-baby dancing.
Mandi Johnson <idella246@aol.com>
Tacoma, Washington USA -
I think you have an excellent site with very cool pictures,write up and links.
Shasank <tebuso@yahoo.com>
Chennai, TN India -
Great job on a wonderful website of not only baby names but photos and nursery rhymes. I enjoyed the visit and will tell my friends and be back to check it out again.
Michele <Mmarti57@aol.com>
HI Ravi+Ravi , Well congrats on a great site.. it's really come out very well..Needless to say, MAJOR effort has gone into it.. Well, I do feel that you might want to change the animated gif of the dancing baby on the homepage, I'm sure you'll find some real cure gifs.. thanks and have a great day.. pradheep
Pradheep Sampath <spradheep@hotmail.com>
Arlington , Texas USA -
Very nice. your baby picturs are extremely cute. wonderful collection. I've mailed you my baby's pictures. pls put them up too.Latha
Latha Srinivasan <xxx@hotmail.com>
usa -
Very enjoyable!!!! Delighted to have received this. Thanks Ravi!!!! Still exploring and I love it!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
LORIE <BROOKE29@webtv.net>
Hi..Nice website...u have really covered all possible names.Great piece of work.Congrats.Regards..Nikhil
Nikhil <jokhiram@bom3.vsnl.net.in>
Hi Ravi,Your Newsletters were quiet useful in many ways, for me and I share with other friends here in Saudi Arabia. We do not have a local access still and so we get connected at an international call charge, through a foreign country. With your list we save great amount of time and so money, in search for something of our interest. Dolph.
Dolph <dolph.shenker@usa.net>
Saudi Arabia
Mailing you the picture of Jordyn Kayla parker, please add it to your site.Nice work.
XXXX <DreamrXXXX@aol.com>
Hello! I was just wondering can you take a persons name and pput it in India writing?My girl scout troop is doing India in our multicultral day and it would be neat to Have India names to go with our project.Thanks,Shannon
Shannon <JSCHEEK249@aol.com>
hiI was looking for the meaning of the name Manjinder. It was for a project my second/third grade class was doing? If you have any ideas please write back.Thank you for your time.
Anonymous <xxx@aol.com>
hi, i just had a baby girli need a beautiful, sexy attractive girl name with beginning with "sh"i need something that means, fierce but beautifuli need something that says sexy and approachablethe baby born on the 21.1.99, 1014 hrs, singapore timeplease help asapnaming ceremony is on tuesdaythanks in advancedave
Dave <dave@shankars.com.sg>
Recd. ur newsletter. Very informative.I am looking for the following information. Would u be able to help me with it?!1. Women backpackers how to be safe?2. Backpacking in Rajastan3. Indian universities which offer courses in Export managementIf u could help me with sites that offer info on the following i will be very grateful.Thank youRegardsDivya
DIVYA SREENIVAS <divyasreeni@yahoo.com>
Sir,I visited your Online Job Placement Site (Cyberconnexions.com), and i am impressed.I would like to register at this site to post my resume. Hence, I would like to know the details( like, fees .. etc ).- Ashish
Ashish Gore <ashish_g@pn2.vsnl.net.in>
Dear Ravi J Prashanth,Thank you for your email and information on your Cyber Connexions site (http://www.CyberConneXions.com). I quickly searched your site for resumes and found a few I will study again later. I will continue to check your site for new resumes. I appreciate the information.Gina M. RoepkeStaff RecruiterParadyme HR Technologies
Gina Roepke
Dear Mr. Prashanth :Kindly send me Previous News Letter (I only received Edition 4 dated 24th January, 1999).I found your Newsletter interesting.KINDLY SEND ME ALL YOUR PAST & FUTURE NEWSLETTERS.Thanks & Regards,Minesh GandhiFebruary 8, 1999
Minesh Gandhi <infomira@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in>
Dear R. Ravi Shankar & Ravi J Prashanth,We appreciate your effort towards this program (newsletter & your wonderful baby names site).I am now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but I am from Madras.Thanking you,Ghazali,Riyadh. Saudi Arabia.
Mohamed Thameem <zeeteex@shabakah.com>
Hello.Your news letter "Info-ConneXions" is Excellent and Informative.Kindly subscribe me. Also send me previous editions.Warm Regards,Sumit Varma
Sumit Varma <Sumit.Varma@hpl.co.in>
You want us to promote your news letters via our website Indialinks ? Let us know. Your news letters seems to be nice.Bhavin Chandarana
Bhavin Chandarana <webmaster@indialinks.com>
Please send me all previous editions of your info-connexions mailer. Also is there any subscriptions fee for this Newsletter ??How ever your services are Very Good.Regards.
S.N. Raja <JISH_KSA@compuserve.com>
Good work!! keep it up!!-vidya
VIDYA SHENOY <seetaram@*****.vsnl.net.in>
Madras, India
Hi!!You are doing a great job. Keep it Up and All The Best for future endevours.Best Regards.Priya.
Priya Rajaram
Pretty cool newsletter. Even though I didn't subscribe to it I choose not to unsubscribe anyway.-Anand Mehta Director, NetSpace ISOP Chandigarh, India
Anand Mehta <web@indiafocus.com>
Chandigarh, India
Dear Mr Ravi Prasanth,Please kindly DO NOT remove me from your lists of info-connexions (news-letter).I pressed the "reply button" by mistake Thanks in advance//Dave
Dave Jagwani <lokesh@singnet.com.sg>
Hello:First, great site - very informational, keep up the good work!Now for my question. Under girls' names beginning with "R" - the name Reva - could you please provide me with more information (origin, etc.). This is the first time I've ever heard it, and I love it. But I would like to know moreabout it before I give my daughter the name (of course I also have to run it by my husband)!Thanks.Samira.
Samira <Samira_D'Souza-Murty@westernunion.com>
Hi, We chose a name for our daughter from a book of Indian names and I don't see it on your site.The name is: Elina and the meaning is: woman with IntelligenceAlso, could you please tell me which of the two is the first name and which is the last (family) name?JatothRajyaThanks very much,beth pk
Beth <ichild.bpk@usa.net>
Nice site, your "meaning" of names can get better. for eg; ramesh is "rama" and "esh". ie. rama's lord . rama is the goddess lakshmi . so it does mean vishnu :)
bangalore, india -
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